Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Relaunching The Savvy Guyde

Time to kick the tires & light the fires. Let's launch.

Okay, your Wingman has been a slack ass. I've neglected you. I've allowed the site to go a bit fallow and you, my dear readers, have been left to wander in the dark without my guiding light. In 2015, I shall endeavor to rectify this, but I need your help.

I'm here to dispense advice and helpful hints, to impart to you my wisdom gleaned the hard way, from brutal life experience and from my own research. But sometimes even I don't know what you don't know, so you have to tell me. What do you need and want to know? What questions do you need answers to? What sort of articles do you want to see here?

Do you want more cooking know-how? Do you want to learn a bit about wines or beers or spirits? Subtle fashion tips? Grooming and manscaping? Questions about pleasing the other human on your mattress? Hell, do you have questions about guns? Your Wingman is a shooter and used to carry guns for a living in a previous life. I'm a versatile dude, as should you be.

If you have a question or a request, you can always drop an email to and in the subject put Savvy Guyde so I know it ain't junk mail. Or just leave a question in the comments; I read every comment that comes to the site.

I fully intend to keep up with music that doesn't suck in my Now Hear This series, and plan to keep you fed with the Starvin' Like Marvin series. And I'm renaming the series of New Stuff articles under the name of Test Flight, keeping with the Wingman theme. See what I did there? Clever bastard, I am.

So keep on reading, and tell your friends. Let's grow the site and all will be right in the world.

Who's got your back? I do.

And away we go!