Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Test Flight: Dollar Shave Club (with Guest Wingman Paul Blase)

Every so often, even The Wingman needs a wingman. Today, The Savvy Guyde brings you some words of wisdom from my friend Paul, a businessman, hockey player, and all around good dude.

You've heard the ads on the radio or in podcasts. You've seen the ads on TV. You've wondered if this Dollar Shave Club is the real deal, right?  Read on, my minions.

Let’s be honest. You wish you had that cunning, sophisticated charming appearance of someone like Pierce Brosnan. I mean, seriously, he’s a man’s man. Dresses sharp, has that look like “I’ll hold the door open for you, but I’ll kick your ass if you don’t return the favor.” But how’s that possible for someone, like myself, when I have a lobster face because my $25 razor and seemingly six-figure blades (with dollar store quality, I might add) can contour in every direction, solve calculus problems, and accurately predict the results for March Madness, yet continuously give me razor burn? I’ve tried creams, heated lathers, gels, and a myriad of aftershave product to no avail. Until one day I finally decided that those annoying Facebook ads had won.

 Ok “Dollar Shave Club,” I thought. “You’ll get my money for one month.” I mean what the hell, right? It’s only a few bucks with the worst case scenario of ending up with an equally crappy razor. So I logged on to the Dollar Shave Club website and did a little bit of research on their products. They offer three types of razors, three post-shave products, product, and 4 newly introduced hair products. They operate on a per-month subscription, or their “Less Hairy” option which is a once-every-other-month subscription. Basically here is my review of their services: 

 Dollar Shave Club offers three types of razors. The Twin, a two-blade razor that is offered for the awesome price of $1 per order. The 4X, a four-blade razor that is offered for $6 per order. The Executive, a six blade (plus single trimmer blade on the back side) for $9 per order. The Twin comes with five cartridges per order, while the 4X and the Executive come with four. Each razor has a special handle that is mailed for free with your first order. Just say you decide the 4X is not enough, or maybe even too much, Dollar Shave Club sends you the new handle with your new selection of blades free. I, personally, have the 4X so my reviews will be based upon that. 

Simply put, it’s amazing. The handle is far from cheaply made. It’s a comfortable rubber grip with sturdy plastic bases. It also contours for a comfortable grip, which is a plus. I’ve found in the past with my vibrating, calculus solving, six-figure razors that the plastic handles tend to slip around in my hand from time to time. Let’s be honest, whether you’re a guy or a gal, shaving is a wet activity. The creams or soap doesn’t make it any less slippery. So, this is definitely a plus. The blades snap right in just like any other two-piece razor. The razors come packaged together in a unit of four. Dollar Shave Club proclaims in their ads “ Our Blades Are f***ing Great.” and I’d have to concur with that statement. These aren’t cheapo dollar store blades. They are sharp, straight, and perform well, especially when paired with another one of their shave products. 

Shave Products
Dollar Shave Club offers “Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter” in a 3 oz travel size, or 6 oz standard size. They also offer “Post Shave” lotion for moisture and “Repair Serum” to help combat bumps, burns, and ingrown hairs. I’ve tried neither of the latter, mostly in part to the success of the former. The Shave Butter has to be, quite honestly, the greatest shaving “cream” I’ve ever used. It’s clear so you can see exactly what you’re shaving. On top of that, it’s much like I have imaginary space ships orbiting my facial hair trying to abduct them. My beard seems to “stand up” and when I stroke the “f***ing great” blades across it, effortlessly I get the closest shave I’ve ever had. I couldn’t highly recommend the Shave Butter enough. Even if you’re a math major who’s passing your tests and paying your tuition off of your March Madness bracket winnings and don’t want to change blades, I suggest trying the Butter. Having said that, I’m assuming the lotion and serum are equally as bad-ass.

Hygiene and Hair Products 
 Recently Dollar Shave Club has introduced a line of hair products called “Boogie’s.” The types are hair clay, hair cream, hair paste, and hair gel. These days, I tend to keep my hair (or lack thereof) shorter, so there’s really no need for me to order these products, therefore I cannot offer a full review. But if Dollar Shave Club’s consistency stays true, there’s no doubt in my mind that they work. 

Which brings me onto the next product... There’s really no way to avoid this one. “One Wipe Charlies” are essentially baby wipes that help keep clean and fresh in areas you may need to wipe. When I was living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota I thought to myself “That sounds interesting! I won’t have to use it though.” Now that I’m in Charleston, South Carolina and the brutal humid summers are rapidly approaching, there may be a review for this in the coming months. Stay tuned.


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